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A new, unique approach to everything real estate,
architectural, design and interior photograhy.

ABOUT Shooting Spaces

The concept for Shooting Spaces started in the form of a podcast called Shooting Spaces Podcast which was first conceived and produced by Rich Baum and Brian Berkowitz, two veterans to the real estate and architectural photography industries.  As the podcast grew, Rich & Brian quickly realized the need and want for photographers to learn, grow and expand their business. Seeing a lack of a central “hub” in our industry to find everything from articles, tutorials, coaching and even a shop, Rich & Brian set out to create shootingspaces.net as an answer for the need for a modern and all-encompassing site for people to learn, share ideas and better their work and business. We hope you enjoy what we’ve set out to create and would love to hear from you with any questions/inquiries or concerns.

for general / work / advertising inquiries please contact us
at info@shootingspaces.net


Rich Baum

Brian Berkowitz

Daryl Stringer

Thiago da Cunha

Dee Zunker

Andrew Pece

David Jeffries

Matt Van Emmerik



UPCOMING WEBINAR: Managing Color Casts with Rich Baum | May 10th - 9PM EST