real estate image copyright and licensing

By Jordan Powers

I originally created this video to send to my clients, but as I was wrapping up I realized that this information could be beneficial to my peers in the industry because I don’t think that a week goes by where I don’t see a post in one of the Facebook groups talking about licensing of some sort.

I am definitely no expert on the topic but over the years I’ve come to have a very basic understanding of image licensing which has helped me in my own business when it comes to explaining licensing to my clients. The information I share here is essentially my regurgitation of hundreds of different articles I’ve read, videos I’ve watched, conversations I’ve had, and even posts on social media that stood out to me over the years.

Having even just this basic understanding of image licensing has helped me set some clear boundaries for my business and in the eight years I have been shooting real estate and interiors, I have only had to have a licensing conversation two or three times. I am absolutely certain that there are better videos or resources out there that will explain licensing, but nobody has time to search for that information, so I crammed as much as I possibly could in this five-minute video to get you started.

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