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Pricing your Real Estate Videos

By David Jeffries

What can be harder than pricing anything in real estate media? Should you charge by number of images, the square footage of the home, the listing price? How can you price your work to make it appealing to a great number of agents while still providing for your needs? As a business, we have definite answers to how we have priced our real estate video. You may not agree, but I would love to share with you our thought process and hopefully help you out.

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Crashplan Upload Speeds
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Maximizing CrashPlan Upload Speed

By Dee Zunker

My CrashPlan Story

I have been using CrashPlan since Hurricane Rita in 2005. We evacuated for that hurricane, and I had a car full of hard drives, photos, and negatives. After that storm, I decided to fully digitize my photos, and to get an offsite backup of my files. I have had an onsite backup for many years, but I really needed an offsite backup. CrashPlan was the best option at the time.<

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So You Want To Grow Your Instagram Account To Start Getting Business…

By Matthew Stallone

Are you looking to grow your Instagram account to start getting business from it? Is important to grow organically and have relevant and active followers who will be customers.

I’ve organically grown my account to over 60,000 active followers. My name is Matthew Stallone From Stallone Media and I’ve been active on Instagram for the last five years. I have figured out some proven ways to get more followers who engage and can show you how to do that.
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three things business owners should know

Three Things I Learned As A Real Estate Photography Business Owner

By Darryl Stringer

If you’ve been a real estate photography business owner for a few years now then you know what it’s like to look back on what you’ve done in the past, and to wish you’d done a few things differently.

We don’t want to let those things hang around our neck too much, but I thought it would be helpful if I were to outline three things that I learned during my 17 years as a real estate photography business owner. I hope this helps.

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