Andrew Pece

ANDREW PECE REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHERNever afraid of a challenge, in mid-2017 Andrew and his wife Penny packed it up and moved to Bangkok, Thailand. Although Andrew considers his “passion of choice” to be anything related to photographic lighting, he has recently become interested in video. He has a self-titled Youtube Channel that he plans on exploring and further expanding within the fascinating and photogenic confines of Bangkok. Andrew continues to focus on the successful interiors photography company he opened in Orange County, California, and flies back to the states when work presents itself. The flight back home is about 20 hours, but a home cooked meal made by his Italian father “can usually cure the jetlag within a day”. When he is not pretentiously authoring his own Bio’s in the third person, he can be found enjoying fun photo and video sessions within Bangkok, while immersing himself in his much beloved Thai street food culture.



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