By Jordan Powers

After nearly 3 months in the making, 80+ hours of editing, 50+ hours of filming, 30+ hours of administrative work, and 20+ hours of traveling, we are excited to finally announce the launch of The Art of Real Estate Cinematography! I include these details not to brag about how hard we worked on this, but because I had NO idea what would go into this course when the idea came. I am in disbelief that this topic would require the amount of thought and planning that it did. I have been making real estate videos since 2013, so I figured we would just simply explain the process like most other tutorials do. While we do cover the process, this course is more geared toward the HOW & WHY of real estate filmmaking.

Video for real estate is still a tool that we are all trying to understand, both what works stylistically and for our businesses. There are countless ways to make a real estate video and no one way is the “right” way. With that in mind, Nick Swartzendruber, of Drone Cowboys, and I decided to make a course that is focused not on HOW to shoot video for real estate, but how to think more about our approach and stylistic choices when it comes to making real estate films.

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