By Rich Baum & Brian Berkowitz

First off, we want to thank you for coming to our new site and checking it out. Since we launched the podcast, back in February 2018, our goal has been to bring as much quality information and education to as many people as we could.  Based off the success of our podcast, we decided it was essential that we bring to our audience, a platform for all this information.

This website is just the beginning! But in order to launch and bring you valuable information from the start, we felt it was not only important for you to hear from us, but to also hear from others in the industry who have experienced the same up and downs that we all face, every day with our businesses.  We brought on several different contributors, all who have different specialities and are from different locations around the world. The goal is to give the best perspectives, learn from them, and through their experience, better our own businesses.  We will also be adding more contributors so please check back often.  Our goal it to be able to release 2-3 articles per week, all covering different topics. Please subscribe to our newsletter above to be notified when new articles release.

Not only was it important to us for you to be able to learn from these contributors, but we also want to help you make your job easier.  We decided it was important to be able to offer coaching sessions, Lightroom Presets and more, to help you accelerate your business to a new level. We invite you to browse our Shop and check out some of these items being offered. We will also be adding products constantly, so check back often. We also loved the idea of release a line of novelty apparel,  so also please feel free to browse those.

Lastly, this is a new endeavor for both of us. To be honest, we are not yet sure where this will go or what it will turn into, but one of the main reasons for the success of our podcast has been the feedback we’ve received. We will do our best to appeal to your requests.  We invite you to email us, chat with us, send us a postcard or any other way you want to communicate. Your feedback on our journey here is essential to the success of this site and what we feel it could become.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!!

-Rich & Brian