Many hotel chains have brands and these brands are subdivided into categories (for example Luxury collections may sometimes mean real estate. I noticed this while searching for a contact on a hotel website. At the bottom of the hotel’s website, I clicked on the word “Press”  not knowing what to find.  Under that, I saw many of the hotel’s director’s names, email addresses, titles, and even phone numbers.  After doing some research on “Press” in other hotel websites, I noticed directors titles such as Chief Real Estate Officer, Director at Real Estate Project, Regional Real Estate Director, Global Real Estate Officer, etc., etc. When I researched deeper,  I found out that some hotels have executive residences and executive apartments. This, just by chance, sent me to another parallel business, real estate in the hospitality industry.

Since I live in the Dominican Republic, I’m actually right in the center of the Caribbean, only a jump away from many Caribbean hotels and luxury real estate locations. Because I studied hotel management, I’m very familiar with the hospitality industry, I’m familiar with how they work and what they need. Finding out that some hotel chains have real estate development properties was a surprise to me. Elandis, for example, focuses only on real estate and hospitality markets.
I usually start these internet searches using incognito or private mode. I also use  Duckduckgo is like Google but with privacy. It blocks advertisers (only on private or incognito mode) and the history won’t even appear on your computer. Your personal data is basically blocked from your research. This is great because I was tired of having hotel advertising appearing on each page I was searching in. I mean, even on Facebook and Instagram I had everything hotel related…!
Another trick that helped a lot was using Hunter (, a tool for finding emails. Many people from the Amazon shipping business use Hunter. I have the Chrome extension. Sometimes I also use Snovio, another email finder. These two combined with Linkedin are very powerful tools to specifically get to the person you need.
In summary, the combination of all these tools has helped me find new customers for my real estate business under the hospitality industry.
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