After the success of our first webinar with Matthew Stallone, we are proud to announce the next LIVE webinar:

Photo Composition Critique with Tony Colangelo

For this live webinar, we are teaming up with Tony Colangelo, a veteran architectural photographer out of Canada. Tony specializes in composition and has recently combined his psychology background with his photography experience to create a brand new tutorial on composition. The tutorial is titled The Art & Science of Great Composition.

We wanted to make this webinar quite unique and often get asked questions about doing photo critique so we figured bringing Tony on board to critique registrants images (from a composition standpoint) was the perfect way for people to learn composition and get feedback on their work as well.

Tony, Rich & Brian will also be live to answer your questions on composition (and anything else related)!

This webinar is being held on Thursday July 18th, at 9:30pm Eastern.  At only $29.95  it is an incredible value and a small price to pay for having Tony critique your images.  We are limiting this webinar to 100 people so be sure sure to register today!!

With registration, you will have access to rewatch the webinar at any time (will be available a few days after the live version) so even if you cannot make it live, you don’t have to miss out. Additionally, as with our previous webinar, this will be available for sale afterwards at a higher price, so now is your chance to get in at a discounted rate.

Click Here To Register

We look forward to seeing you there and start submitting your images and gathering your questions!!