For those who were not able to attend our Live webinar two weeks ago, as promised, we have made last weeks Live Webinar available to everyone. We have received some amazing positive feedback on the webinar and there is tons of valuable information to learn.

This webinar was very intensive. In case you missed it, here was the curriculum:

•Acquiring Images For Possible Licensing
•Figuring Out Which Company Makes The Products In Your Images
•Locating The Right Contact Person At these Companies
•Sending Cold Emails To Attract the Attention Of The Company
•Negotiating Licensing Prices
•Invoicing & Delivery
•Dealing With Unauthorized Usage
•Case Studies

We have also made the entire powerpoint presentation Adam created available for download with purchase.

Of all our previous webinars, this one will definitely give you the quickest return on investment. Your first licensed photo could potentially bring you more then 10x the cost of this webinar at only $39.95!!